Review of OpenWheeler Racing Game Chair (Page 4)

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Driving Seats

The OpenWheeler racing game cockpit simulator

First of all, OpenWheeler is constructed in the US and/or Great Britain, on the basis of where you placed the order: America (home-racer.com, www.ebay.com, www.amazon.com, etc.) or Europe (www.openwheeler.co.uk, ebay.co.uk, amazon.co.uk, etc.).
In the second place, the OpenWheeler car racing cockpit simulator comes virtually pieced together and in 10 minutes presumably you might be set to play!
Third, presumably the most crucial thing, OpenWheeler includes by default the following convenience functionalities you will not discover in other car racing seat simulators like PlaySeat, GameRacer, GTO Omega Racing, VisionRacer, etc.:
- a folding back
- a railway gliding chair
- front wheels (on the pedal platform) for better flexibility
OpenWheeler also includes (as most of the other video game racing cockpit simulators):
- a telescopic video racing simulation game wheel architecture
- an adjustable pedal system

A foldaway back

Not discoverable in other driving car game cockpit simulators on the marketplace. OpenWheeler is one of the trailblazers which introduced a genuine racing chair boasting a bendable back feature. Utilizing it, you can be seated comfortably, like in a genuine racing car.