Review of OpenWheeler Racing Game Chair (Page 3)

Very Good Reviewed by goingcontract.com, 4.5 of 5 stars (Very Good)

Driving Cockpits

An appropriate racing posture and convenience

Driver's convenience is always an important issue when it comes to playing your favourite computer driving car games at home. This is the reason why you have to seriously think about the option of having one game driving cockpit simulator in your house. You will shortly find out the immense contrast prior to and after playing with the car game racing cockpit simulator. Of all car game racing cockpit simulators, OpenWheeler conveys the best driving comfort. Every single car driving cockpit simulator on the marketplace offers a correct racing stance, but you will gain the maximum for your money with OpenWheeler for sure.

You will need the game racing cockpit simulator for a greater racing experience

Due to the fact that the racing simulators market is not packed with rivals, the very few players there offer distinct price ranges. Essentially, the home racing simulators are not low-priced utensils. Chiefly owing to the quite poor market demand. The tariff range is really vast, from £200-£300 pounds (300-500 dollars) for OpenWheeler, to the astounding 26,000 British Pounds (more than $42,000 USD!) for VisionRacer. Do not get baffled by this enormous cost diversity. If you are a pro football or basketball player (i.e. money is your final worry in your daily life), VisionRacer is the proper game driving simulator cockpit for you. In all other occasions, OpenWheeler will do absolutely the same work for you for only 1% of VisionRacer's price (£270 British Pounds versus £26,000 GBP). In other words, with OpenWheeler, at first sight, you get a lot more than what you are paying for...